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Professional Computer and Network Support Services for small and mid-size businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Wolf Consulting, Inc. is devoted to providing reliable Computer Support to small and mid-size businesses who want to improve productivity and profitability. Our comprehensive Network Services can give you the peace of mind to stop worrying about your Information Technology and get back to achieving your business goals.

With outsourced IT support services from Wolf Consulting, you’ll get fast, friendly, dependable support, from a local team of experienced professionals, at a predictable fixed monthly price. We can be your IT staff or we can supplement your internal IT staff.

By combining our people, our processes, our 27 years of experience, our tools and technologies, and our WolfCare Service Plan – our clients get better results from their Computer Networks and Information Technology.

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Be your IT staff

Free yourself and your staff to focus on your business and to do what you do best, while the pros at Wolf Consulting manage your computer technology.

Supplement your IT staff

Get better results by combining the broad experience and expertise of outsourced IT support from Wolf Consulting, with the knowledge and experience of your in-house IT staff.

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With IT services from Wolf Consulting, you’ll get fast, friendly and dependable IT support, from a local team, at a predictable fixed monthly price.


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