November 18th, 2015

We have been working with Wolf Consulting since 2013 and are extremely confident in their abilities to handle all of our business computing needs. They seamlessly took over from our previous outside consultant, put greater protections and backups in place, and are highly responsive to any issues that arise. We very recently took on the major project of upgrading our server. Wolf Consulting met with us months in advance to help with the overall planning, made sure that we understood all aspects of the project, and their attention to detail contributed to a very successful end result. We appreciate their team’s professionalism, responsiveness, and all that they do for us.

Patty K.
Office Manager
Structural Engineering Firm

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October 6th, 2015

My law firm has been with Wolf Consulting, Inc. since 1997. We have been consistently pleased with the service provided. Wolf Consulting requires its staff to maintain the highest level of current subject matter expertise and professional certifications, and is constantly innovating to provide comprehensive IT service and support, at a fair price. I regularly recommend Wolf Consulting to other small businesses who want to leave their computer networks and Information Technology to the experts.

Christian B.
Attorney at Law
Law firm

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September 24th, 2015

As a major custom plastic molder, providing product to our customers in a timely fashion is our primary focus, not our computer network. We became frustrated with our old computer system and our server was outdated. Our PC’s were giving us problems, directly impacting the efficiency of my staff. This was clearly something to address, so in 2014 we decided to outsource our computer support to the team at Wolf Consulting, Inc.

From the very beginning, I witnessed a significant improvement as we had an entire team of professionals working to make our computer systems run more efficiently for my business. A while later, I decided to move forward with a long overdue server upgrade project. My #1 concern was downtime during this transition and the obvious pain and inconvenience that could occur. In fact, I had been through it before with another IT company, and the downtime was extensive and somewhat expensive. From start to finish of the project, I was kept in the loop by the Project Manager. He was sharp and engaging, while all other team members were professional, knowledgeable and very efficient. In the end, the actual network downtime during the scheduled project was significantly less than estimated! These days, Wolf Consulting has my computer network running better than ever before. My staff is very pleased and I look forward to many productive years ahead.

Fred C.
Custom Mold Manufacturer

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August 21st, 2015

We were working with another IT support provider, and as time went on, we were getting slower responses to our requests and noticed increased turnover in their staff. As a result, we spent more time getting the level of support previously promised to us, and were not getting good results for our business. In 2013, we knew we needed to make a change. When we met with Wolf Consulting and spent time learning about their approach to IT support, it was clear that they provided the support we needed to help us meet our business plans for growth.

Since transitioning to Wolf Consulting, they have been nothing less than spectacular. They have been reliable since day one, providing great service and support. The regular onsite visits and the ease at which we can get answers to all our IT needs at first were surprising, but now we know it is simply the way they conduct their business. From the people who answer the phone, to the technical service team, to the account management team… they are top-of-the-line in all areas! Thanks for making our IT needs a priority!

Jim K.
Director of Operations
Fluid Systems Distributor

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July 28th, 2015

After putting it off for a long time, we knew it was time to upgrade our computer systems so we could get better results. One of the reasons why we have put it off was because we didn’t have the skill internally to determine what was needed or to perform the implementation work. We were also very concerned about the impact to our business while the migration was performed.

Things got much better for us when we met Wolf Consulting, Inc. in 2013. From the initial discussions and planning, through the project implementation, and afterwards, I can say we are extremely pleased with how every member of the team at Wolf Consulting performed. The project was completed by professionals, on time, within budget, and without any issues. I always say when undertaking any I.T. project “expect the unexpected and plan for disaster“. In this case, I can say there was not a single hiccup and I believe this was due 100% to the planning, the professionals and the experience of Wolf Consulting, Inc. And we look forward to working with them for many years to come – to come to keep our systems running well. I highly recommend them!

Alan L.
Office Equipment Company

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May 2nd, 2015

We wanted to know “What makes Wolf Consulting different?” so we decided to go straight to the source and ask our clients why they chose us. One common theme that came up in their responses was trust. Our clients see us as a trusted business partner because of reliability, proactive approach, caring, experience, knowledge, technology and tools, value and results. To view some client testimonials, please visit our Testimonials page. Here’s what one of our clients had to say:

For many years, we employed a full-time in-house IT person. As our business and technology needs developed to meet the demands of our marketplace, it became increasingly difficult to stay current on all of the latest technologies, or be familiar with all of the Best Practices, or have access to the best network monitoring and management tools. When our in-house IT person submitted her resignation in 2011, we decided to outsource our IT service and support and chose Wolf Consulting, Inc.

It was at this point that we fully realized that her experience was limited to what she did on our network and what she did at her last job. With Wolf Consulting, it was clear from the first day that we now have access to an entire team of experienced, certified professionals. Their technical capabilities, expertise, management tools and scalability are far superior to what we had with our former one-person in-house IT department. They take care of everything for us – from onsite support to remote support, from proactive work to reactive work, from smaller issues to longer-term strategic planning. Because they do a great job, my management team and I get to spend our time working on our core business functions and business-building activities. I highly recommend the team at Wolf Consulting to other small and mid-sized companies looking to outsource their IT support.

Harvey P.
Co-Founder and CEO
Business-to-business appointment-setting service that works primarily
with the financial & insurance services industry

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March 8th, 2015

You receive a notice that an email message you sent is undeliverable, but you know you did not send the original email. Or someone calls you and says they received a virus-infected email message from you, but you did not send an email messages to them. Could your computer have a virus? Could someone know your password and be sending email messages without your knowledge? What is going on?

This could actually be a case of “email spoofing”. Many computer viruses, spyware and malware spread via email. Once activated, they search the infected computer and send outbound virus-infected email to all the contact names and email addresses that are found in the Contact List, Inbox and/or Sent Items. However, just to be extra tricky, the virus substitutes one of the harvested email addresses for the sender’s display name and email address. This is called email “spoofing” and can make it appear that one person has an infected computer or sent an infected email message, when they really didn’t.

Let’s consider an example outside the world of computers. Imagine someone writes a nasty hand-written letter. They sign your name at the bottom of the letter along with writing your telephone number. And they write your name and home address or business address in the return address section on the outside of the envelope. They address the envelope to someone and they mail it at the Post office. That person receives the envelope in the mail and opens it. They don’t like the tone of your nasty letter and they call you to complain about it. And they later call the police about the threats you wrote. You say, “Hey, I never wrote that letter!”. The same thing can happen in the world of electronic mail. Someone can send an email message and make it “appear” as though it came from you, when it really didn’t.

So let’s say someone calls you and says they received a virus-infected email message from you, but you did not compose or send an email messages to them. Here is an example of what really might be going on:

  1. Person A has a computer and is not using a good antivirus program, or does not have current virus definitions, or is not following good security practices.
  2. Person A’s computer becomes infected with a virus. Both Person B and Person C have exchanged email messages with Person A in the past, and are in Person A’s contact list, or the prior email messages are still in the Inbox or Sent Items.
  3. When the virus executes on Person A’s computer, it finds the names and email addresses of Person B and Person C, along with dozens or hundreds of others. The virus secretly composes an email message with an infected attachment and inserts Person B’s name and email address into the “From” field of the infected outbound message. It adds Person C’s name to the “To” field of the message, and then sends the infected email message to Person C. It also sends hundreds of similar outbound infected email messages to everyone else in Person A’s contact list.
  4. Person C receives the virus infected email message, which appears to have been sent by Person A (because that is the display name and email address shown in the “From” field on the email message).
  5. Person C then contacts Person B and complains they sent him a virus-infected message.
  6. But when Person B scans their computer, the antivirus software does not find anything (as would be expected, because the computer is really not infected). It was actually Person A’s computer that sent the virus infected email message and falsely stamped the message as coming from Person B.

You receive a non-deliverable report (“NDR”) saying the message you sent to Person B was not deliverable. But you know you never sent any messages to Person B. Here is an example of what might be going on:

  1. Same example as above, Person A’s computer is infected with a virus.
  2. You and Person A previously communicated, and your name and email address are in their Contact List, Inbox or Sent Items.
  3. When their computer sends the outbound email addresses, your name and email addresses are randomly selected and inserted in the email message as the Sender.
  4. One of the email addresses in the contact list is no longer valid.
  5. When the email message is sent, it gets rejected by the recipient’s mail server because the email address is invalid.
  6. That mail server sends a non-deliverable message report (“NDR”) to the original sender of the message, which appears to be you.
  7. You receive the NDR reporting the message you sent was not deliverable (even though you personally never sent the original message, it just looked like you did).

Wolf Consulting provides multiple layers of protection to keep the computers and networks of our clients safe and secure from viruses, malware, spyware, etc. So if you ever receive a notice that an email message you sent was undeliverable but you did not send the original email, or if someone ever calls you and says they received a virus-infected email message from you but you did not send an email messages to them, you should think of Email Spoofing as the likley culprit. Someone else’s computer may be sending those messages and just making it appear as through you are the sender.

For more information about Email Spoofing or ways to protect your business from computer viruses, please contact us.

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June 24th, 2014

We wanted to know “What makes Wolf Consulting different?” so we decided to go straight to the source and ask our clients why they chose us. One common theme that came up in their responses was trust. Our clients see us as a trusted business partner because of reliability, proactive approach, caring, experience, knowledge, technology and tools, value and results. To view some client testimonials, please visit our Testimonials page. Here’s what one of our clients had to say:

Though we’re a smaller-size company, several years ago we went through a period of growth requiring a large investment in IT infrastructure that we felt justified having a full-time IT manager on staff. Once our systems were in place and running smoothly for a few years, we assumed they required little attention and allowed our IT manager to take a new job and work for us on a part-time/when-available basis. This arrangement worked for a time, but after a while the problems mounted. Security licenses expired and malware and viruses ran rampant. Server maintenance was neglected and we suffered frequent email outages. Workstations were crashing and being removed from service faster than they could be fixed. As the individual with overall management responsibility for IT, dealing with these issues on a daily basis fell on me. Instead of doing my real job, I was spending all of my time doing IT – a job I’m not qualified to do. We tried to fix some of these issues by replacing an aging server, but there were errors during the migration that left us completely out of commission for the better part of a week. Finally, I had enough and called Wolf Consulting.

The impact the Wolf team had on our organization was immediate and drastic. They fixed what was wrong, allowing our employees to have full days at work uninterrupted by computer downtime. They also identified severe problems with our equipment and data backup procedures and prevented us from having a system-wide catastrophe from which we might have been unable to recover. Wolf’s Comprehensive care program has been hugely effective in making sure that our system continues to operate without major issues. When those rare problems arise, the entire “Wolf Pack” is responsive, capable, and diligent in their follow-through. There are still plenty of things I worry about on my way to work each day, but our IT system is not one of them!

Michael U.
Managing Director
Professional Staffing Firm

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May 26th, 2014

We wanted to know “What makes Wolf Consulting different?” so we decided to go straight to the source and ask our clients why they chose us. One common theme that came up in their responses was trust. Our clients see us as a trusted business partner because of reliability, proactive approach, caring, experience, knowledge, technology and tools, value and results. To view some client testimonials, please visit our Testimonials page. Here’s what one of our clients had to say:

Wolf Consulting has proven to be a valuable partner for us from the very first day. Our previous IT company had not setup a backup solution for our data and they had not built in any redundancy on the server. To make things worse, our server crashed and we were unable to access any data. This put us in a very dangerous situation. Fortunately, Wolf Consulting was able to utilize their partner network to recover most of the data, expedited the purchase of a new server that was properly configured, and got us back up and running in a short period of time. With this type of on-going strategic planning, monitoring, management and support, I know we are in much better position today than we were prior to partnering with Wolf Consulting. I can, without reservation, recommend Wolf Consulting for all your IT management and support needs.

Dave P.
Medical Supplies and Equipment Company

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May 6th, 2014

Wolf Consulting, Inc. has been named to Nine Lives Media’s MSPmentor 200 North America Edition for 2014, an annual list identifying North America’s top 200 managed service providers (MSPs). MSP’s are firms that provide a variety of computer networking and Information Technology consulting services and proactive support services to keep the computer networks of their client organizations running smoothly.

“It is an honor to have been selected for this award and to be recognized in the MSPmentor Top 200.” said Lloyd Wolf, President and CEO of Wolf Consulting, Inc. “It validates our team members, our management tools, our proactive approach and the effort we have put in to provide the highest level of network management, service and support for our clients – so they get the best results from their Information Technology.”

The MSPmentor 200 North America Edition is based on data from MSPmentor’s national and global surveys, conducted October – December 2013. The MSPmentor 200 North America Edition recognizes top managed service providers based on a broad range of criteria and performance metrics. “Nine Lives Media and MSPmentor congratulate Wolf Consulting Inc. for its leadership position in North America,” said Amy Katz, President of Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton Media. “Qualifying for our MSPmentor 200 North America Edition puts Wolf Consulting, Inc. in rare company.”

Wolf Consulting, Inc. is one of only seven Pennsylvania-based companies to achieve this nationwide honor, and the only firm that is locally owned and operated in the Greater Pittsburgh Area to be named to the list for three years in a row. All of the honorees on the MSPmentor 500 Global Edition list and the MSPmentor 200 North America Edition list can be found by visiting

MSPmentor, produced by Nine Lives Media, is the ultimate guide to managed services. MSPmentor features the industry’s top-ranked blog, research, webcasts and videos. It is the number one online media destination for managed service providers in the world.

About Wolf Consulting, Inc.
Wolf Consulting, Inc. provides computer networking, custom software development, and IT consulting services to small & mid-size businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh area. The firm has been in business for 25 years, and is headquartered in Murrysville, PA. For more information, visit

About Nine Lives Media
Nine Lives Media, a division of Penton Media, defines emerging IT media markets and challenges established IT media markets. The company’s IT channel-centric online communities include MSPmentor, The VAR Guy, Talkin’ Cloud, VARtweet and MSPtweet. For more information, visit

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