Case Study: A Leading Pittsburgh Staffing Firm Outgrows Their Part-time IT Employee

Case Study: A Leading Pittsburgh Staffing Firm Outgrows Their Part-time IT Employee


For several years, one of Pittsburgh’s leading professional staffing companies had relied on their part-time IT employee to handle all of the issues with their IT infrastructure. Because they were a smaller business, they assumed that their IT infrastructure required little attention. Initially, this worked, but over time issues started to mount: IT security licenses expired, malware and viruses ran rampant, and employees became less productive. In addition, server maintenance was neglected, so the company suffered frequent outages of their most important application. To make matters worse, workstations were crashing and being removed from service faster than they could be fixed.

Instead of being able to complete their daily responsibilities, the part-time IT employee and her manager were spending their time dealing with IT infrastructure issues. The breaking point came when they tried to replace one of their aging servers and a mistake in migrating data left the company completely out of commission for almost a week. It was time to make a change. The company reached out to the team at Wolf Consulting to see if IT managed services could solve their current problems. Shortly afterwards, the professional staffing company became a client.

They saw immediate and drastic improvement from the performance of their IT infrastructure. The company’s staff was finally able to work without the interruption of computer downtime and any individual user issues were swiftly handled by our Pittsburgh IT helpdesk team. Not only was Wolf Consulting able to correct the issues company management knew about, they also identified other severe problems with equipment and data backup procedures. Those issues were quickly fixed—preventing a system-wide catastrophe. After signing-up for Wolf Consulting’s WolfCare Comprehensive IT Support, time-consuming IT headaches became a relic of the past and the staffing firm’s employees were able to focus on doing their jobs and delivering for their customers.

There are many different things to worry about in one business day, do not let IT be one of them. Contact Wolf Consulting today to see how your business can benefit from a Pittsburgh managed service provider.