A Medical Practice Leverages IT Services in Pittsburgh to Meet Compliance Requirements

A Medical Practice Leverages IT Services in Pittsburgh to Meet Compliance Requirements


Medical practices rely heavily on their computer systems working properly and efficiently. It is important that their Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems run smoothly while meeting all compliance requirements. A partnership with a trusted and experienced Pittsburgh Managed Service Provider, like Wolf Consulting, can help maximize data security and ensure ongoing compliance.

Before becoming a Wolf Consulting client, a Pittsburgh medical practice had been working with another IT service provider for years. As the medical practice grew, its employees started to have concerns about their provider’s ability to service them effectively and meet all compliance requirements. The provider was under-staffed and spread too thin—never able to give the practice the time they needed to ensure that all of their compliance requirements were met. They never sat down with the lead doctors of the practice and realized that they were spending too much time on compliance, and not enough time with their patients. After meeting with Wolf Consulting, they decided to change IT service providers and become a client of Wolf Consulting.

Wolf Consulting provided IT support services that were proactive and consistent. In return, the company was able to focus on the needs of their patients instead of the needs of their technology. Wolf Consulting was also able to assist with risk assessments, policies and procedures, and training for their employees. Wolf Consulting is able to offer discounted training to help clients meet compliance regulations for HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Those responsible for managing a medical practice, or any business with exposure to electronic health records, face unique challenges. It is critical that they work with an IT service provider that has expertise and experience with HIPAA compliance and EHR systems. Find out how the team at Wolf Consulting can help alleviate the stress of technology and compliance management as they did with this medical practice.

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