Goodbye Windows 7-Hello Windows 10!

Goodbye Windows 7-Hello Windows 10!


After a decade, Microsoft’s support of Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. Hundreds of millions of people will be affected by this change. Microsoft is encouraging all users to transition to Windows 10, their most current operating system. While some businesses may want to delay updating their PCs to Windows 10, doing so will endanger the security of their company’s data and systems.

Once Windows 7 “End of Life” occurs, Microsoft will no longer resolve any bugs or other issues a user faces while using Windows 7. They will also stop issuing patches to fix known vulnerabilities in the operating system. Therefore, any device still running on that operating system will be vulnerable to attacks by hackers. The Windows 7 end of life comes at a time when ransomware is on the rise and more small and mid-size companies are becoming the victim of cyber-attacks. It is likely that individuals with bad intentions will target Windows 7 machines once support ends. Despite the risks, at the start of 2019, researchers found that 43% of companies were still running the Windows 7 OS and 17% didn’t know about the upcoming end of support date1.

There are a couple of things that are recommended for any company that is still running Windows 7. The first step is to consider your options. The most common decision is to migrate to Windows 10. For most, that is the easiest and most logical choice. Your vCIO can assist you with putting together a plan to upgrade your infrastructure to supported operating systems.

For some, an upgrade of the entire PC fleet to Windows 10 is not practical because the business must run software that is not compatible with Windows 10. If that is the case in your business, then we can develop a unique solution to secure your systems while still keeping your vital business software working.

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