Understanding Microsoft Azure

Understanding Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing provider, that gives an organization freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network. As we move into 2020, one of the most common trends we are seeing among companies is cloud computing, and as one of the main platforms, Azure may be something your business may need.

Below are some quick facts about the cloud computing provider:

  • Lower Cost: Cloud computing reduces the investment and capital footprint associated with running on site datacenters. (employees, building, computer hardware)
  • Scalability: Cloud computing capacity can be easily added or reduced, commensurate with your business growth.
  • Higher Security: Cloud computing offers a broad set of policies, technologies, compliance and controls that protect your data, apps, and infrastructure. Microsoft leads in the industry in establishing and consistently meeting clear security and privacy requirements.
  • Increased Productivity: Cloud providers are continuously updating their datacenter networks with the latest generation hardware. The cloud also allows businesses to access their resources in real time to match business needs on demand.
  • Global Scale: Data in the cloud is backed up in more than one geographic location, since cloud computing runs on data centers around the world.

Azure includes many solutions such as Infrastructure as a Service, Platform a as Service, and Software as a Service which can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, etc. Below are other reasons on how Azure can work for your company’s benefit:

  • Azure is a great backup and disaster recovery tool due to its flexibility, advanced site recovery, and built-in integration. Azure also offers patch management, AutoScale, and integration for hosting, developing, or managing web or mobile apps.
  • Azure is flexible. It allows a company to use its’ own preferred tools and framework.
  • Azure also enables you to utilize multi-factor authentication, which adds another layer of security to your data and applications.

The services above are just a glimpse of what Azure can do for your organization. Azure is not only full of cloud-computing potential that any company can utilize, but it also is one of Microsoft’s designed services. For more information on Azure and cloud computing please give us a call today.