5 Ways Microsoft Bookings Can Assist Your Team

5 Ways Microsoft Bookings Can Assist Your Team


Scheduling can be a major pain point for companies across the board. When businesses rely on setting meetings with customers, or connecting with staff, the scheduling process should be seamless. Because everyone is flooded with emails, social media notifications and meeting requests at work, Microsoft created an app that helps customers schedule meetings directly with your employees. Microsoft Bookings cuts through the noise.

The major benefit of Microsoft Bookings is clarity. Internally, all employees can check the same calendar in one place. Customers see a simple website that allows them to book a meeting, reschedule an appointment and receive email reminders. Microsoft lets you add custom labeling to incorporate your company’s branding. You can also add custom fields, such as an alternate email for the customer. You can run Bookings as a stand-alone site or embed the app in your company website, making it look as though you coded the scheduler yourself. A mobile app is even available to view and manage bookings and access customer information from anywhere with internet access. Below are some examples of how Bookings can work in your team’s favor.

  1. The customizable public Bookings page allows customers to book appointments 24/7.
  2. The convenience of Bookings works in everyone’s favor. Customers can view availability, book appointments themselves and receive confirmations automatically.
  3. Once an appointment is made by the customer, the date is automatically added to your or your staff’s calendar. (Outlook and Google calendar are both supported.)
  4. There is reduction in no-show appointments, as automated appointment reminders are sent to customers periodically, including location and other appointment details.
  5. With the mobile app, you can manage your calendar from anywhere. You can also view customer information, call or text customers directly from your mobile device.

Bookings is available to Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscribers. The Bookings mobile app is also available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Microsoft Bookings is fast and simple to use, and it is suitable for all careers and industries. If you would like more information on Microsoft Bookings or Microsoft 365, please contact Wolf Consulting at wolfconsulting.com.