Hard Drive Shortages to Affect System Prices and Availability Into 2012

We want to alert our clients to an issue that has arisen due to the flooding in Thailand – caused by a recent typhoon. The flooding covered about one-third of Thailand’s surface area. What does this have to do with technology for Pittsburgh area businesses you ask? The flooding has had serious impact on the Thailand’s manufacturing business, notably the manufacturing of computer components and hard drives.

Wolf Consulting Installs Standby Generator

To help service our clients better, Wolf Consulting, Inc. recently installed a transfer switch and a 20kW natural gas powered standby generator at our office. These systems provide dependable backup power to our entire office – lights, telephones, servers, desktops, firewall appliances, printers, heater, air conditioner, etc.

Wireless Networks Could Leave You Vulnerable

In late October, Robin Taylor from Channel 11 News interviewed Lloyd Wolf (President of Wolf Consulting, Inc.) for a story that aired on November 3, 2011 on wireless network security and cyber crime.

As part of the story, Robin and Lloyd went for a drive in her car, and Lloyd used a special software program on his laptop to scan for wireless networks.