Custom Software Development

Tailor-made software solutions for your unique business

Wolf Consulting, LLC will listen to your needs, and develop custom software applications designed specifically for your business. From systems for steel service centers, to window cleaners, to international meat importers and major commercial real estate developers - businesses and organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania have come to depend on our custom software applications alongside Wolf Consulting managed services.

With Custom Software Development from Wolf Consulting, your system will be custom written and tailored your exact specifications and requirements. Applications can be developed for stand-alone PCs, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Intranets and the Internet.

Whether you're "right-sizing" an older mainframe application, upgrading an existing PC-based program, or developing a brand-new critical application, Wolf Consulting, LLC can design, develop and implement exactly what you need - a high-quality, robust, reliable application.

Our Custom Software Development Services Include:

  • System Design and Specification Development - Our software developers will work with you to properly design your system - before writing the first line of source code. Just as we do with our IT Managed Services, we listen to your needs and then design a solution that will meet all of them.
  • Software Development - Our software developers will design the application. During development, mid-point meetings are often held to provide an opportunity for review and feedback - during the development process.
  • Implementation and Training - Our developers will install the software onsite at your location, and provide training for the users of the application.
  • Future Software Updates and Support - After the initial implementation, we will continue to work with you to update and enhance the software, as well as provide technical support. When you have a problem - or opportunity - we will be there.

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