WolfCare Backup for Office 365

Productivity. It’s the name of the game. And, with cloud-based services like Office 365, workforces can bring that productivity online to keep business moving wherever, whenever. Unfortunately, these aids to mobile productivity have not lessened the threat of data loss. One of the most common myths surrounding cloud data is the idea that there is no risk of data loss. That’s right. Data loss happens, even in the cloud. In addition, human error and threats to business continuity often shroud an organization’s usage of popular cloud-based services.

Office 365 is the go-to productivity suite for businesses. Unfortunately, user error, accidental deletion or malicious employees can pose serious risks to emails and work documents. The cost to organizations that experience data loss varies depending on industries – but in all cases it is significant. WolfCare Backup for Office 365 is designed to specifically address these concerns.

Wolf Consulting makes this possible for small and mid-size businesses with our WolfCare Backup for Office 365.

Here are some key features:

  • Automated Backup of Email, Contacts & Calendar - Offers an automated backup of Office 365 data, storing all versions in the vault.
  • Powerful Search, and Filtering - Offers instant full-text search, search in all previous versions of Office 365 data.
  • Rapid Restores - The search-driven interface makes it easy to find, restore, export, migrate, and analyze backed up data.
  • Unlimited Retention - You can take advantage of unlimited retention of your Office 365 email, contacts and calendar data.

“One third of companies using cloud-based services are losing data, mostly due to employee errors. Many cloud service providers do not cover accidental data loss, major data disasters, and hacker attacks.”

While cloud-based applications no doubt help organizations to be more productive, they are still susceptible to data loss, human error and other threats to data integrity. While it’s vital to know the scenarios in which your data could potentially be threatened, the most important action that can be taken is employing use of a cloud-to-cloud backup solution like WolfCare Backup for Office 365 to protect your data. WolfCare Backup for Office 365 gives you peace of mind knowing that your business cloud data is safe even if disaster does strike.

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