Network Assessment

Would you like to know if your computer network is truly setup correctly?

Unless you’re a computer expert, you probably don’t know what’s happening in the nuts and bolts of your computer system. Like most business owners and managers, you’ve hired an “expert” to handle these technical matters for you.

But what happens when your outside expert knows less than you thought he knew? Or fails to perform his duties? Or simply leaves without notice? Your business engine may be running, but you don’t really know what going on under the hood.

Wolf Consulting can perform an objective assessment of your network that identifies risks and weaknesses, and offers practical solutions. This assessment will give you a very clear picture of your environment and let you know if your computer network is truly setup correctly.

Assessment Areas: The areas analyzed during this assessment include the following:

  • Network Server Hardware
  • Network Switches/Hubs
  • Data Cabling
  • USP Power Protection
  • Server Hard Disk Drive Configuration
  • Network Backup System(s)
  • Router/Firewall Configuration
  • Internet Access Bandwidth
  • Internet Security Methodology
  • Server Room Environment
  • Server Configuration
  • Desktop/Laptop Configurations
  • Equipment Warranties
  • Network Anti-Virus Protection
  • Email Anti-Spam Protection
  • Email Anti-Virus Protection
  • Software Licensing
  • Network Security
  • Network Layout and Design
  • Network Applications
  • Network Documentation
  • Network Health
  • Network Management Practices

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