We had used other computer support firms in the past, but were never satisfied with the results that we got. When I talked with the folks at Wolf Consulting in early 2012, I told them that I wanted reliable computer systems and dependable support, provided for a predicable monthly fee. I also said that I wanted to stop spending so much of my personal time dealing with computer issues and babysitting our outsourced IT support firm. I told them that I questioned, based on my past experiences, if what I wanted even existed?

Wolf Consulting said that it did exist, and they could provide it. We checked all of the references provided by all of the support firms we were interviewing. Every single company we spoke with said they were extremely satisfied with the service and support from Wolf Consulting. We decided to make the switch, and we haven’t look back. I can honestly say that Wolf Consulting has definitely delivered on their promises to us. They provide fast, friendly and reliable support. Our computer systems run well. Any support needs that arise are promptly handled. And best of all, I no longer spent my time dealing with IT support issues – everything just works. I highly recommend the team at Wolf Consulting to other small and mid-sized organizations looking for great results from their computer support.

Bob R.
Director of Finance
Non-profit organization focusing on early childhood development