I have a manufacturing company with two locations to manage. Managing my computer network was never in the cards, so for several years, I left it to an IT company. They were responsive when we called, but they simply were not present or very engaged. I assumed this reactive service focus and remote-only service was what I should expect from outsourced computer support – until I partnered with the folks at Wolf Consulting in 2014.

On the day they started service, an entire team of people came to our office. Each team member was introduced to our staff like they were our own. With clearly defined roles, they explained how easily it was to work with them, and how they would use their tools to proactively monitor and manage our systems. Their crew spent the day with us, completing their installations and familiarizing themselves with our staff, our systems and our business. How’s that for attention? And since, they have members of their team visit our sites on a regular basis – to work on our list of things to-do as well as work on their proactive tasks to keep our systems running well.

Since the day I partnered with Wolf Consulting, I’ve had the time to focus on both locations of my growing business while they manage my computer network. I give Wolf Consulting 5 out of 5 stars!

Ed K.
Materials Manager
Manufacturing Company