Glenn B.

At my last business, I learned some lessons the hard way. We were using a low-cost, one-man outfit as our computer consultant. As far as I knew, everything was fine with our computer systems. Our server crashed, and our consultant was unable to fix the problem. We were down for almost a week. Our clients were growing very restless.

That's when I found Wolf Consulting. Their staff was able to find out the truth from him – that our backups had not been setup properly and had not been running for months! Wolf Consulting worked quickly to rebuild our server from scratch and salvaged as much of our data as possible. They got our network, and my business, backup and running. Going forward, they continued to provide excellent service and support, and I felt confident that they were truly monitoring and managing our systems. Years later, when I sold that business and started my next business, Wolf Consulting was one of the first phone calls that I made. They are great, and I highly recommend them!

Attorney and business owner
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