For many years, we employed a full-time in-house IT person. As our business and technology needs developed to meet the demands of our marketplace, it became increasingly difficult to stay current on all of the latest technologies, or be familiar with all of the Best Practices, or have access to the best network monitoring and management tools. When our in-house IT person submitted her resignation in 2011, we decided to outsource our IT service and support and chose Wolf Consulting, LLC.

It was at this point that we fully realized that her experience was limited to what she did on our network and what she did at her last job. With Wolf Consulting, it was clear from the first day that we now have access to an entire team of experienced, certified professionals. Their technical capabilities, expertise, management tools and scalability are far superior to what we had with our former one-person in-house IT department. They take care of everything for us - from onsite support to remote support, from proactive work to reactive work, from smaller issues to longer-term strategic planning. Because they do a great job, my management team and I get to spend our time working on our core business functions and business-building activities. I highly recommend the team at Wolf Consulting to other small and mid-sized companies looking to outsource their IT support.

Harvey P.
Co-Founder and CEO
Business-to-business appointment-setting service that works primarily
with the financial & insurance services industry