We were working with another IT support provider, and as time went on, we were getting slower responses to our requests and noticed increased turnover in their staff. As a result, we spent more time getting the level of support previously promised to us, and were not getting good results for our business. In 2013, we knew we needed to make a change. When we met with Wolf Consulting and spent time learning about their approach to IT support, it was clear that they provided the support we needed to help us meet our business plans for growth.

Since transitioning to Wolf Consulting, they have been nothing less than spectacular. They have been reliable since day one, providing great service and support. The regular onsite visits and the ease at which we can get answers to all our IT needs at first were surprising, but now we know it is simply the way they conduct their business. From the people who answer the phone, to the technical service team, to the account management team… they are top-of-the-line in all areas! Thanks for making our IT needs a priority!

Jim K.
Director of Operations
Fluid Systems Distributor