Though we're a smaller-size company, several years ago we went through a period of growth requiring a large investment in IT infrastructure that we felt justified having a full-time IT manager on staff. Once our systems were in place and running smoothly for a few years, we assumed they required little attention and allowed our IT manager to take a new job and work for us on a part-time/when-available basis. This arrangement worked for a time, but after a while the problems mounted. Security licenses expired and malware and viruses ran rampant. Server maintenance was neglected and we suffered frequent email outages. Workstations were crashing and being removed from service faster than they could be fixed. As the individual with overall management responsibility for IT, dealing with these issues on a daily basis fell on me. Instead of doing my real job, I was spending all of my time doing IT - a job I'm not qualified to do. We tried to fix some of these issues by replacing an aging server, but there were errors during the migration that left us completely out of commission for the better part of a week. Finally, I had enough and called Wolf Consulting.

The impact the Wolf team had on our organization was immediate and drastic. They fixed what was wrong, allowing our employees to have full days at work uninterrupted by computer downtime. They also identified severe problems with our equipment and data backup procedures and prevented us from having a system-wide catastrophe from which we might have been unable to recover. Wolf's Comprehensive care program has been hugely effective in making sure that our system continues to operate without major issues. When those rare problems arise, the entire "Wolf Pack" is responsive, capable, and diligent in their follow-through. There are still plenty of things I worry about on my way to work each day, but our IT system is not one of them!

Michael U.
Managing Director
Professional Staffing Firm