Over the years, our organization used a series of different internal IT people responsible for the support and management of our computer systems and Information Technology. We, as well as our IT infrastructure underwent many changes, void of any true strategic plan. We simply were not getting the full value from our Information Technology investment – to help us meet our goals or serve our membership well.

Since we outsourced our computer support to Wolf Consulting, LLC in early 2014, we have got much better results. The first onboarding day was very impressive, with many members of their team coming onsite to meet our staff, introduce themselves and to get to know our organization and our systems. They quickly analyzed our specific needs and developed a real plan. Shortly thereafter, they implemented new technology which met those needs, and which was more secure and more stable than we experienced in the past. Since then, they have continued to provide excellent proactive service and support to keep things running well. Thanks to outsourcing our computer support to Wolf Consulting, we are now able to focus on our core business, knowing their team is making sure our network continues to run well, is safe and secure, and will grow with our organization.

Stephanie G.
Nonprofit Professional Membership Association