Client Testimonials

What Clients Have to Say About Wolf Consulting Outsourced IT Services

We wanted to know “What makes Wolf Consulting different?” so we decided to go straight to the source and ask our clients why they chose us. One common theme that came up in their responses was trust. Our clients not only see us as a managed service provider, but also as a trusted business partner because of reliability, proactive approach, caring, experience, knowledge, technology and tools, value and results.

We have had the pleasure of working with Wolf Consulting since the late 1990’s. As the owner of a smaller business, I don’t have the time or resources to deal with our computer systems or Information Technology needs. That’s what I love about Wolf Consulting. Using their WolfCare service, they take care of all of our computing and technology needs for me. They give me the peace of mind to stop worrying about my technology and get back to achieving my business goals. Whenever I have a problem, or a new opportunity, the staff at Wolf Consulting are always eager and ready to help!

Raw materials supplier servicing the steel industry

Over the years, our organization used a series of different internal IT people responsible for the support and management of our computer systems and Information Technology. We, as well as our IT infrastructure underwent many changes, void of any true strategic plan. We simply were not getting the full value from our Information Technology investment – to help us meet our goals or serve our membership well.

Since we outsourced our computer support to Wolf Consulting, LLC in early 2014, we have got much better results. The first onboarding day was very impressive, with many members of their team coming onsite to meet our staff, introduce themselves and to get to know our organization and our systems. They quickly analyzed our specific needs and developed a real plan. Shortly thereafter, they implemented new technology which met those needs, and which was more secure and more stable than we experienced in the past. Since then, they have continued to provide excellent proactive service and support to keep things running well. Thanks to outsourcing our computer support to Wolf Consulting, we are now able to focus on our core business, knowing their team is making sure our network continues to run well, is safe and secure, and will grow with our organization.

Nonprofit Professional Membership Association

For many years, we employed a full-time in-house IT person. As our business and technology needs developed to meet the demands of our marketplace, it became increasingly difficult to stay current on all of the latest technologies, or be familiar with all of the Best Practices, or have access to the best network monitoring and management tools. When our in-house IT person submitted her resignation in 2011, we decided to outsource our IT service and support and chose Wolf Consulting, LLC.

It was at this point that we fully realized that her experience was limited to what she did on our network and what she did at her last job. With Wolf Consulting, it was clear from the first day that we now have access to an entire team of experienced, certified professionals. Their technical capabilities, expertise, management tools and scalability are far superior to what we had with our former one-person in-house IT department. They take care of everything for us - from onsite support to remote support, from proactive work to reactive work, from smaller issues to longer-term strategic planning. Because they do a great job, my management team and I get to spend our time working on our core business functions and business-building activities. I highly recommend the team at Wolf Consulting to other small and mid-sized companies looking to outsource their IT support.

Co-Founder and CEO
Business-to-business appointment-setting service that works primarily
with the financial & insurance services industry

Wolf Consulting has been absolutely super! We have worked with them since the late 1990’s. Using their WolfTrack System, they pro-actively monitor and manage our server, desktops and laptops and keep them running at their best. They visit our office twice each month and take care of items on our To Do list. And their HelpDesk provides fast assistance via telephone, email and remote control. And another thing that’s really great is that they all talk in plain English!

Office Manager
Civil, geotechnical and environmental consulting engineering services company

I have a manufacturing company with two locations to manage. Managing my computer network was never in the cards, so for several years, I left it to an IT company. They were responsive when we called, but they simply were not present or very engaged. I assumed this reactive service focus and remote-only service was what I should expect from outsourced computer support – until I partnered with the folks at Wolf Consulting in 2014.

On the day they started service, an entire team of people came to our office. Each team member was introduced to our staff like they were our own. With clearly defined roles, they explained how easily it was to work with them, and how they would use their tools to proactively monitor and manage our systems. Their crew spent the day with us, completing their installations and familiarizing themselves with our staff, our systems and our business. How’s that for attention? And since, they have members of their team visit our sites on a regular basis – to work on our list of things to-do as well as work on their proactive tasks to keep our systems running well.

Since the day I partnered with Wolf Consulting, I’ve had the time to focus on both locations of my growing business while they manage my computer network. I give Wolf Consulting 5 out of 5 stars!

Materials Manager
Manufacturing Company

I am 110% satisfied! We have used Wolf Consulting, LLC since we started our organization in 2002. They do a great job of taking care of all of our computer, network and support needs. Their highly skilled field staff comes onsite to our office each month, and their HelpDesk staff is always fast in helping via telephone, email or remote control. As a non-profit organization, we don’t have a huge budget for IT support, and we need to spend our money wisely. We could never afford to hire a full-time IT person who would give us all that we get from Wolf Consulting. They are great and I highly recommend them!

Office Manager
Non-profit organization

After putting it off for a long time, we knew it was time to upgrade our computer systems so we could get better results. One of the reasons why we have put it off was because we didn’t have the skill internally to determine what was needed or to perform the implementation work. We were also very concerned about the impact to our business while the migration was performed.

Things got much better for us when we met Wolf Consulting, LLC in 2013. From the initial discussions and planning, through the project implementation, and afterwards, I can say we are extremely pleased with how every member of the team at Wolf Consulting performed. The project was completed by professionals, on time, within budget, and without any issues. I always say when undertaking any I.T. project “expect the unexpected and plan for disaster“. In this case, I can say there was not a single hiccup and I believe this was due 100% to the planning, the professionals and the experience of Wolf Consulting, LLC. And we look forward to working with them for many years to come – to come to keep our systems running well. I highly recommend them!

Office Equipment Company

Wolf Consulting, LLC has consistently given our company top-of-the-line service since the early 1990’s – always keeping us ahead on new technology, while keeping a close friendly relationship with our employees and their computing needs. I especially like the fact that they are pro-active, and use their tools to prevent problems from occurring in the first place – rather than waiting to deal with problems after the fact. And everyone there is so nice and easy to talk to. Two thumbs-up!

International importing company

As a medical practice that uses an Electronic Medical Record system, we rely heavily on our computer systems working properly. We had been working with another IT service provider for many years, but we were having concerns about their service and their ability to grow with us. During our meetings with Wolf Consulting in 2013, we recognized they would provide IT support that was proactive and consistent, and would allow or organization to be focused on the needs of our patients instead of our technology.

As we close out our first year with Wolf Consulting, we could not be happier with their services. The staff at Wolf is always professional, responsive and willing to work with us no matter what we may need. Wolf has taken the time to learn our specific industry and the unique challenges that comes with it such as, HIPAA compliance, interfacing the EMR to various systems within our office, and the hardware needs that makes taking care of our patients very efficient. I highly recommend them!

Executive Director
Medical Practice

At my last business, I learned some lessons the hard way. We were using a low-cost, one-man outfit as our computer consultant. As far as I knew, everything was fine with our computer systems. Our server crashed, and our consultant was unable to fix the problem. We were down for almost a week. Our clients were growing very restless.

That's when I found Wolf Consulting. Their staff was able to find out the truth from him – that our backups had not been setup properly and had not been running for months! Wolf Consulting worked quickly to rebuild our server from scratch and salvaged as much of our data as possible. They got our network, and my business, backup and running. Going forward, they continued to provide excellent service and support, and I felt confident that they were truly monitoring and managing our systems. Years later, when I sold that business and started my next business, Wolf Consulting was one of the first phone calls that I made. They are great, and I highly recommend them!

Attorney and business owner
Real estate settlement firm and real estate law firm

We were working with another IT support provider, and as time went on, we were getting slower responses to our requests and noticed increased turnover in their staff. As a result, we spent more time getting the level of support previously promised to us, and were not getting good results for our business. In 2013, we knew we needed to make a change. When we met with Wolf Consulting and spent time learning about their approach to IT support, it was clear that they provided the support we needed to help us meet our business plans for growth.

Since transitioning to Wolf Consulting, they have been nothing less than spectacular. They have been reliable since day one, providing great service and support. The regular onsite visits and the ease at which we can get answers to all our IT needs at first were surprising, but now we know it is simply the way they conduct their business. From the people who answer the phone, to the technical service team, to the account management team… they are top-of-the-line in all areas! Thanks for making our IT needs a priority!

Director of Operations
Fluid Systems Distributor

Wolf Consulting has been helping us since we became an independent company in 2005, and it has been a great experience. They have consistently provided us with efficient and cost-effective solutions. I really like the fact that they are proactive – working hard behind the scenes to prevent problems from happening. From small questions and problems, all the way up to major projects, they take care of it all for us. There’s no way an internal computer guy could never have all the expertise that we get from the team at Wolf Consulting. I would gladly recommend Wolf Consulting to any business that’s looking for help with their computer systems!

Industrial construction and fabrication services, prime contractor, project management

My law firm has been with Wolf Consulting, LLC since 1997. We have been consistently pleased with the service provided. Wolf Consulting requires its staff to maintain the highest level of current subject matter expertise and professional certifications, and is constantly innovating to provide comprehensive IT service and support, at a fair price. I regularly recommend Wolf Consulting to other small businesses who want to leave their computer networks and Information Technology to the experts.

Attorney at Law
Law firm

I've been working for our organization for almost three years. In that time I've learned just how reliable Wolf Consulting is! When I first started working here, the person that I was replacing was already gone, so I didn't really have the opportunity to shadow and learn the ins and outs of daily operations, let alone how to deal with network/server issues, maintenance, etc. I had to learn as I went. So, when it came to trying to figure out what was going on with our network, our server, and all of our other computer needs, Wolf was a God-send!

Literally, EVERY issue that arises, no matter how large or small, when I call Wolf I can be CERTAIN that I'll have a SPEEDY response and solution. The customer service at Wolf is ALWAYS superb, from both the technical staff and the administrative staff. Wolf is just as much a part of our organization as the day-to-day staff! So, what I love about Wolf is that I KNOW that if I have an issue, whatever it may be, I can be sure that they're on it quickly and I'll have a resolution very soon! Geez, these guys should have capes and masks; they're super heroes! Thanks, Wolf Consulting!

Office Manager

Wolf Consulting is the perfect IT solution for any medical practice incorporating an Electronic Medical Record system. Our office installed an EMR system several years ago, and the team at Wolf Consulting was instrumental in setting up our server and our network. They worked closely with our EMR vendor to make sure the installation was "glitch-free" and set up protocols to ensure that our network was secure and HIPAA-compliant. Since then, they have actively monitored, maintained and supported our system to keep it operating at peak performance. Having an EMR means that IT is "mission critical" and the engineers and team at Wolf Consulting demonstrate their understanding of that every time we interact. Great people; great company; great service!

Practice Administrator
Medical Practice

We started working with Wolf Consulting over 10 years ago for software development services for our custom database program. We had another company at the time for other IT support. We struggled with our computers and network for many years. Finally, we switched to Wolf Consulting for all of our computer and technology needs.

We wish we had switched 10 years ago! Their service has been superior. They are speedy, efficient and thorough. We especially appreciate the fact that they monitor all of our systems and work on problems before they become critical issues. All of their suggestions have been in our best interest. Everyone at the company is pleasant and extremely helpful. It is so nice to be able not to worry about any IT issues and concentrate on our business. I highly recommend Wolf Consulting !

Landscape contractor and tree nursery

Wolf Consulting has been a great IT partner for advancing my company to the next level. From my initial meeting with them in 2012, they made it clear that client satisfaction is a top priority in their business. The Wolf team really listens to my business needs, identifies options, and explains to me in easy to understand language what each option means. They effectively walk me from IT strategy to solution implementation with all my IT needs. Their responsiveness, positive atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff solidify them as a partner, not just a supplier, to my organization.

Director of Finance and Business Services
Provider of regulatory affairs and quality assurance expertise to medical device organizations

Though we're a smaller-size company, several years ago we went through a period of growth requiring a large investment in IT infrastructure that we felt justified having a full-time IT manager on staff. Once our systems were in place and running smoothly for a few years, we assumed they required little attention and allowed our IT manager to take a new job and work for us on a part-time/when-available basis. This arrangement worked for a time, but after a while the problems mounted. Security licenses expired and malware and viruses ran rampant. Server maintenance was neglected and we suffered frequent email outages. Workstations were crashing and being removed from service faster than they could be fixed. As the individual with overall management responsibility for IT, dealing with these issues on a daily basis fell on me. Instead of doing my real job, I was spending all of my time doing IT - a job I'm not qualified to do. We tried to fix some of these issues by replacing an aging server, but there were errors during the migration that left us completely out of commission for the better part of a week. Finally, I had enough and called Wolf Consulting.

The impact the Wolf team had on our organization was immediate and drastic. They fixed what was wrong, allowing our employees to have full days at work uninterrupted by computer downtime. They also identified severe problems with our equipment and data backup procedures and prevented us from having a system-wide catastrophe from which we might have been unable to recover. Wolf's Comprehensive care program has been hugely effective in making sure that our system continues to operate without major issues. When those rare problems arise, the entire "Wolf Pack" is responsive, capable, and diligent in their follow-through. There are still plenty of things I worry about on my way to work each day, but our IT system is not one of them!

Managing Director
Professional Staffing Firm

Wolf Consulting has proven to be a valuable partner for us from the very first day. Our previous IT company had not setup a backup solution for our data and they had not built in any redundancy on the server. To make things worse, our server crashed and we were unable to access any data. This put us in a very dangerous situation. Fortunately, Wolf Consulting was able to utilize their partner network to recover most of the data, expedited the purchase of a new server that was properly configured, and got us back up and running in a short period of time. With this type of on-going strategic planning, monitoring, management and support, I know we are in much better position today than we were prior to partnering with Wolf Consulting. I can, without reservation, recommend Wolf Consulting for all your IT management and support needs.

Medical Supplies and Equipment Company

We had used other computer support firms in the past, but were never satisfied with the results that we got. When I talked with the folks at Wolf Consulting in early 2012, I told them that I wanted reliable computer systems and dependable support, provided for a predicable monthly fee. I also said that I wanted to stop spending so much of my personal time dealing with computer issues and babysitting our outsourced IT support firm. I told them that I questioned, based on my past experiences, if what I wanted even existed?

Wolf Consulting said that it did exist, and they could provide it. We checked all of the references provided by all of the support firms we were interviewing. Every single company we spoke with said they were extremely satisfied with the service and support from Wolf Consulting. We decided to make the switch, and we haven’t look back. I can honestly say that Wolf Consulting has definitely delivered on their promises to us. They provide fast, friendly and reliable support. Our computer systems run well. Any support needs that arise are promptly handled. And best of all, I no longer spent my time dealing with IT support issues – everything just works. I highly recommend the team at Wolf Consulting to other small and mid-sized organizations looking for great results from their computer support.

Director of Finance
Non-profit organization focusing on early childhood development

As a major custom plastic molder, providing product to our customers in a timely fashion is our primary focus, not our computer network. We became frustrated with our old computer system and our server was outdated. Our PC’s were giving us problems, directly impacting the efficiency of my staff. This was clearly something to address, so in 2014 we decided to outsource our computer support to the team at Wolf Consulting, LLC.

From the very beginning, I witnessed a significant improvement as we had an entire team of professionals working to make our computer systems run more efficiently for my business. A while later, I decided to move forward with a long overdue server upgrade project. My #1 concern was downtime during this transition and the obvious pain and inconvenience that could occur. In fact, I had been through it before with another IT company, and the downtime was extensive and somewhat expensive. From start to finish of the project, I was kept in the loop by the Project Manager. He was sharp and engaging, while all other team members were professional, knowledgeable and very efficient. In the end, the actual network downtime during the scheduled project was significantly less than estimated! These days, Wolf Consulting has my computer network running better than ever before. My staff is very pleased and I look forward to many productive years ahead.

Custom Mold Manufacturer

We use the staff at Wolf Consulting to augment our small internal IT team. Their WolfTrack system and network management tools help us monitor and manage our geographically distributed computer systems. Knowing that workstation security patching is being done consistently and correctly is a huge benefit for us. They manage the renewals and maintenance subscriptions for our software licenses. The team at Wolf also provides expertise for our strategic planning and our bigger projects - such as server migrations. We consider the Wolf team to be one of the pillars of our internal team. They are great!

Director of IT
Healthcare Service Provider

We have been working with Wolf Consulting since 2013 and are extremely confident in their abilities to handle all of our business computing needs. They seamlessly took over from our previous outside consultant, put greater protections and backups in place, and are highly responsive to any issues that arise. We very recently took on the major project of upgrading our server. Wolf Consulting met with us months in advance to help with the overall planning, made sure that we understood all aspects of the project, and their attention to detail contributed to a very successful end result. We appreciate their team’s professionalism, responsiveness, and all that they do for us.

Office Manager
Structural Engineering Firm

We first met with Wolf Consulting in 2012. The discussion at our introductory meeting let them learn our needs and we learned what services they provide, how they deliver those services and the results their clients receive. After dealing with other local computer companies who just couldn’t get the job done, we were sold on the service plan, people, processes, and technology of Wolf Consulting. Our staff has the freedom to call or email them with any computer issue and they always respond quickly. They have assisted with selecting the right server, the software, the backup system, the wireless, the security of our network. They are our source for buying new desktops, laptops and other computer equipment. They cleaned up the mess left by all the previous vendors and we are very, very happy with their people and their systems. They have a lot of experience in assisting my users directly when help is needed. We highly recommend them.

Property Management Company

We have been a client of Wolf Consulting, LLC since 2013. Recently we did a comparison of Wolf against other local IT consulting firms (as part of a request from our Board of Directors) and were gratified to know we are still making the right choice. Their prices aren’t just competitive, they are better than other companies. Their charges are a predictable monthly fee - nothing is hidden and no surprises when I open the monthly bill. When I need help with special projects, the fees are clear and reasonable. The customer service from the Wolf Team is wonderful! We have staff with many different levels of technical understanding in our organization, and the representatives from Wolf are always patient and helpful when they are troubleshooting for us, not to mention fast and reliable. I can’t say enough about the high level of professionalism and quality staff from the top to bottom in their organization. I sleep well at night knowing that we have top notch security protecting our Electronic Protected Health Information - all managed and monitored by firm that is HIPAA compliant itself. I look forward to a long business relationship with Wolf Consulting, LLC. It is the perfect choice for any size non-profit organization!

Executive Director
Non-profit organization

We have operated for over a decade with an outsourced/managed IT services environment. In 2016, through a competitive bidding process, we selected Wolf Consulting, LLC (WCI) to provide our managed IT services. The transition from the prior services provider was well executed by WCI and painless for our staff. The process was organized and effectively communicated. WCI has subsequently supported the sizing, procurement, and replacement of our in-house servers, again with minimal disruption to staff and operations. We believe the WCI approach has resulted in improvements in the organization and documentation of our IT systems as well as all the connected devices. Our vCIO/Account Manager is in regular contact with us to ensure our needs are being met and alerting us to issues that we should be considering. The Help Desk response is timely and the Help Desk provides a clear explanation of the fixes they make in response to our requests for assistance. We are very satisfied with the value and the responsiveness of WCI.

Chief Financial Officer
Non-profit organization focusing on patient care